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Major Progess

Had my first major day to hammer out the site and have made significant gains. I’m amazed at how much data I was able to put together from just a few hours Googling, and searching/replacing to clean up the values.

The database stats currently are:

  • Music - 138
  • Movies - 449
  • Books - 218
  • TV - 191
  • Celebrities - 1229

Not a bad start. If you assumed it took you a minute to act each one of those out, you’d have to play straight for a day and a half before you got a repeat. And so far, just by running a few randomly, I recognize a good percentage of them, so I think the database is starting strong.

As far as new features, you can now:

  • Filter by Major Category
  • View a ‘What is It?’ page that provides a direct link to wikipedia and any entries about the word on there, as well as a list of suggestions for how to act out a clue (in charades), draw it (like in pictionary), sculpt it, and hum it. Go post your suggestions!!
  • One of the nicest features is the ‘Print a Batch of Cards‘ feature. It allows you to print off a randomly selected (you can also select which categories to draw from) set of clues so you can use them without a computer.

Still to come:

  • Adding a word/phrase
  • Ratings for each word/phrase
  • Optional Timer and Scoreboard

Future spots I’m trying to work out:

The biggest area I’m having trouble with so far in regards to finding a intuitive solution is in regards to additional categories and tags for each word. For example, I want to be able to break words, like ‘Prince’ into more than just ‘Music’. I want to have ‘Prince’ be tagged with ‘Music’ (as the master category), but also ’90s’, ‘Band’, etc. But the problem I see is that I can’t introduce filtering for this yet as not enough of the database will have them. So if you filtered by ’90s’ you might only get half a dozen clues.

The other problem is making it easy enough for people to tag the clues without being a hassle. The solution I think I’m going with, at least so far, is to have the options appear after clicking ‘next’ for the previous clue. That way they can keep moving through the cards but see that they can update the information for the card. I was also thinking maybe there is a good way to integrate it with the ‘next’ button, so instead of a ‘next’ button, maybe it is, for example (if I wanted to get their rating), three buttons that said ‘Next! That was easy’, ‘Next! That was moderate’, ‘Next! That was hard!’. So that it is unobtrusive but still helps the community easily update the database. Your thoughts?

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