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One Month Live!

Well it is officially one month since I launched charades-ideas.com and I’ve been shocked by the results. Let me start off by showing some numbers. In one month..

  • Over 11000 charades cards have been printed
  • Over 13000 charades cards have been generated on the main page
  • In the past week, the daily average of cards printed and/or generated is over 3000 a day
  • We’ve moved to from position #110 to position #6 on Google for ‘Charades Ideas

How bout that huh? When I started the site I hardly had anticipated that it would grow so quickly. So as of a result, I’ve got some things in the mix here that I plan on releasing pretty soon. The next big step is to add a category for younger kids. Thanks to everyone who has submitted suggestions, it’s the best way to know what the people want.

Glad you are all having fun, I know I am!

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